What people ask about PinnTag

Is the app free to Use?

Yes. The app is free for all our users, to find awesome deals and create Events.

Is there a limit to how many events I can create?
A regular user can only create one free event per week.
Who should I consider upgrading to the subscription model?

1. If you are a business or charity
2. If you have established clubs or classes (eg fitness, sports, Yoga, Gym etc)

What are the benefits of the Business subscription?
There are a number of advanced features eg advanced scheduling capability, a verified business account label, a displayed logo for your brand, unlimited event and offer creation, use of template feature, advanced display images.

The business did not accept my voucher code or honour the deal

Businesses are responsible for adding their own Terms and Conditions when creating content. PinnTag is unable to guarantee Users when, how and if a promotion is available. It is advisable to contact the business if you are concerned about availability or to secure your booking.
I want to Report a User/Business
Our user’s safety is of paramount importance to us. We have built in a ‘Report User’ functionality to allow our Users to report a profile and or content/media that might be fake/unauthentic, offensive, abusive etc.
How can I ensure my event is Private?
When creating an event; the user has the option to select to select a Private or Public event. By selecting ‘Private’; your event will only appear on your ‘invitee’s’ feed. A private event will not appear on a public feed.
Why can’t I pay for an event or an offer/deal on the app ?
At this time, we have not incorporated payments functionality into the application.
How do I redeem a coupon/offer?
In most instances the deal/offer code will only be available to redeem in store. In some cases, a booking link may be provided or the business may request the user to call/email in order to reserve.
What does the ‘Follow’ feature do?
We have built in a feature that allows your attendees to Follow your event or business on Pinntag. Every time a new event or offer is published, your Followers will get a notification in the app.
Why has my account been suspended?

Your account may have been suspended if you are in breach of our Terms of Service. An account may be suspended if specific terms and conditions have been violated. This typically relates to legality, credibility, reliability, compliance, and appropriateness of content and or user profile.

Please contact us at help@robins69.sg-host.com

PinnTag Rewards

Rewards are available for each Business referral. Please see Rewards section in Account profile.

Have a question?

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We will be happy to help you.