Top Tips

How to get the most out of PinnTag

Tip #1

FREE Promotions

Drive up user engagement by offering a FREE product or service

Tip #2

Reduce Waste

Launch special deals on inventory due to expire

Tip #3

Business Profile

Add a good description of your business to showcase it in the best possible way

Tip #4

Images and Photos

Add engaging and good quality images to your promotions

Tip #5

Promotion Titles

Add compelling titles to your offer or event to entice users eg % off

Tip #6

Key Words

List out key words (#) associated with the promo eg Drinks category (#beer)

Tip #7


Request customers to download the App and Follow your business, so they get notifications of all your promotions

Tip #8

Business Events

Creating consumer experiences through events are an effective way of attracting new customers

Tip #9


If you are likely to launch recurring promotions; be sure to save them as a ‘template’. This will make re-launching it super quick

Tip #10


Select multiple dates and time intervals eg every Thursday 9-11am and 4-6pm

Tip #11

Promo Codes

Add promo codes to your offers for in-store redemption and track the # redeemed

Tip #12

Slow Times

Schedule your promotions during slow time in order to drive traffic

Tip #13

T's and C's

Add Ts and Cs when creating content, to ensure your business is not exposed

Tip #14


Charity events are highlighted in the App for maximum engagement. Select ‘charity’ category when creating an event

Tip #15

Event Ideas

Trivia, Karaoke , Live music, Tasting events,, Store opening, Sports, Charity, Theme nights, cooking/cocktail classes, Family days

Tip #16

Promotion Ideas

x % off _ _ , spend x and get y off, Buy x and get y free, Get X Free, Specials deal on x, y, z

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